The Commonwealth Climate Change Programme and COP26

The climate crisis affects every member of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Secretariat helps member states tackle climate change and adapt to its worst impacts.

Climate change negatively affects the development of small and other vulnerable countries across the Commonwealth. Many Commonwealth countries are already facing increased temperature, sea level rise, storm surges, drought, floods and hurricanes. The Commonwealth supports small and other vulnerable states by amplifying their calls for greater climate action.

We have been pushing for greater climate action since 1989, when Commonwealth leaders committed to protecting the environment in the Langkawi Declaration. This was one of the world’s first collective declarations on climate.

At the UN Climate Conference COP26, the Commonwealth Secretariat organised its first Commonwealth Pavilion to serve as an inclusive and collaborative space for member countries and accredited organisations to meet, host side events, convene meetings and showcase research.

Our work

The Climate Change Programme of the Commonwealth Secretariat focuses on strengthening the resilience of Commonwealth countries to the negative impacts of climate change. It provides member countries with measures and support for mitigating and adapting to a changing climate.

The Programme facilitates the human and institutional capacity development of member countries to access public and private climate funding to meet their Paris Agreement commitments, including the implementation of their Nationally Determined Contributions.

The Commonwealth Climate Change Programme advocates for international policies, mechanisms and rules to be more responsive to the development needs of Small Islands Developing States and other vulnerable countries.

We support member countries through climate initiatives including