Commonwealth Says NO MORE is an initiative bringing together the Commonwealth Secretariat and the NO MORE Foundation. It is the first-ever pan-Commonwealth platform to address domestic and sexual violence.


Positive action

The partnership aims to help the 54 Commonwealth member countries take positive action and build upon their work to address gender-based violence, gender equality, women’s empowerment and other health and education priorities for women and girls.

Formalised in 2019, Commonwealth Says NO MORE promotes a positive partnership for change by building a coalition of governments, businesses, civil society and citizens committed to ending violence against women and girls.


Critical resources

Launched in 2020, the partnership helps member countries: record accurate data on the prevalence of violence deliver grassroots projects train community leaders educate bystander responses provide critical resources for those at risk.

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Join The Chorus

In 2021, the Commonwealth Secretariat and NO MORE Foundation launched a new “Join The Chorus” initiative to help the 54 member countries tackle an alarming rise in domestic and sexual violence during the COVID-19 pandemic while urging leaders to make prevention a top priority in rebuilding efforts.

Central to the initiative is an animated video that features five Commonwealth celebrities, who stress the dire need for collective effort to stop the violence which affects one in three women in their lifetime. The videos feature British artist FKA twigs and actresses Rose Byrne from Australia, Joselyn Dumas from Ghana, Mahira Khan from Pakistan and Thandiwe Newton from the UK. 

The film urges leaders and bystanders to raise their voices to “Join The Chorus” against the violence in their communities, stressing that “while one voice might go unheard, a chorus cannot be ignored.”

#JoinTheChorus narrated by artist FKA twigs