The Commonwealth is made up of 54 independent countries working together to pursue shared goals that promote sustainable development, democracy and peace. Our combined population is 2.5 billion, of which about 60 per cent is under the age of 30.

Climate change is a global threat that affects all members. The Commonwealth’s 32 small states – including 25 small island developing states or SIDS – as well as 12 least developed countries are particularly vulnerable.

The Commonwealth Secretariat supports member countries through a number of climate initiatives and programmes. Explore climate facts below and learn more about our climate work.

15% emissions
The Commonwealth represents more than a quarter of the parties to the Paris Agreement and nearly 15% of global carbon emissions. This compares to the EU’s 8.5%.*
$189 billion
US$189 billion in damages was caused by 815 climate-related disasters that were recorded in the Commonwealth from 2010 to 2020 – during which 47,000 people were killed and 671 million affected.**
47 countries
47 Commonwealth countries have a coastline, including 25 small island developing states, where on average 96% of territory is ocean. Our 32 small states are among the most climate vulnerable countries in the world, with many island states on the verge of disappearance.
37 countries
37 out of 54 Commonwealth member countries have coral reefs, accounting for 45% of the global whole. Around 250 million people – many in small island states and developing countries – depend directly on coral reefs for food and income.

We help member countries protect the environment and use natural resources sustainably

$43.8 million
USD $43.8 million has been secured in six countries, with $762.2 million in the pipeline in 11 countries, by the Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub.
54 countries
All 54 member countries of the Commonwealth cooperate in actively addressing ocean-related challenges and meeting commitments for sustainable ocean development through the Commonwealth Blue Charter. It is implemented by 10 dynamic action groups and led by 14 champion countries.
3 pillars
Three key pillars: Inclusive Energy Transitions; Technology and Innovation; and Enabling Frameworks, are the focus of action groups that countries have been invited to set up as part of the Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition Agenda, which seeks to fast-track an inclusive, just and equitable transition to low-carbon energy systems across the Commonwealth.
1.4 billion people
More than 1.4 billion Commonwealth citizens are under the age of 30. Decisions made at COP26 impact them. Commonwealth Young Climate Network and the Commonwealth Youth Programme are amplifying the voices of young people.

We support countries through climate initiatives including